David Corney

I've recently been playing around with Wordle, "a toy for generating word clouds from text." Below are a few examples based on a few of my recent papers, and also my PhD thesis. Each picture is made from the words of the documents, arranged so that the words that I (and my co-authors) used more often come out bigger.

A paper of mine on the Helmholtz-Kohlrauch effect, called "The Brightness of Colour": Colour brightness wordle

Our paper on lightness illusions, from 2007: lightness paper wordle

A slightly older paper on information extraction from biomedical text, using a system called 'BioRAT': (click for a larger version) BioRAT wordle

And finally, my PhD thesis, on food design using various statistical and computational approaches: (click for a larger version) Thesis wordle

Now go and play with Wordle yourself! It's quick, easy and fun!