David Corney

TIL - Oblique Strategies

(I’ve decided to share more blog posts this year, with a focus on sharing what “today I learned”. These will be shorter (less rambling!) then my other posts, but more frequent. Maybe.)

I first heard about Oblique Strategies a few years ago - a set of prompts designed to break mental blockages and help creativity, co-authored by Brian Eno. One such prompt I just came across said:

"Slow preparation, fast execution"

And it struck me that my usual way of work is the opposite: some rapid exploration and prototyping followed by some slow polishing to make a final product. So I’m going to try this on my next work project and see what happens!

(If this is too vague to count as a TIL, I also recently learned that brandy butter goes very nicely on pancakes. Yum!)